Mortgages and financing

Mortgage, Real Estate Financing Lawyers in Toronto, Ontario

McMaster, McIntyre & Smyth, LLP - mortgage lawyers in Toronto, serves clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including the communities of regions of Peel, York, Durham, Halton, Etobicoke and surrounding areas.

We work with borrowers and lenders in real estate financing. From an advisory position, we provide our clients with insight on the process from both sides of the table and a multitude of angles concerning many different financing options. Whether you are looking at financing a house, condo or cottage, our team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers is prepared to guide your informed decisions through every step of the process. We work diligently to assure security and maximized financial potential.

At McMaster, McIntyre & Smyth, LLP, we function as independent advisers to clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. As a lender or a borrower, it is important to have a highly qualified lawyer review all obligations, rights, title reports, land surveys and other due diligence needed to fully secure and position assets.

Lender Liaisons in Real Estate Financing

Proper review, analysis and documentation of all elements of any new financing are critical to successfully securing a property. With all investors, lenders and institutions, we can assist in drafting and negotiating all loan documents and credit enhancements. You want to ensure your money is being invested wisely and that your borrower has the means and determination to remain current on his or her loan. We can help you structure agreements that place your interests in a near perfect position of security.

Borrower Advisers in all Real Estate Financing Needs

Many borrowers find it difficult to obtain the home loans or home equity lines of credit they desire in today's real estate market. Whether you are seeking to purchase, add on to, rehabilitate or refinance, we can advise you through every step of the process. It is easy to be cornered in a position that is more advantageous to your lender, as banks and other lenders are very wary of borrowers' ability and willingness to fully pay back loans and lines of credit.

Our close review and analysis of your loan documents will help you understand your rights and obligations. You do not want to sign on to a loan that is completely inflexible or prohibitive to other financial needs and goals. Proper positioning of your assets and controlling costs are vital in this complicated process.

Contact a Real Estate Financing Lawyer

E-mail or call our office at 416-769-4188 or toll free at 1-888-769-4188 to schedule a consultation. Our lawyers are flexible and accessible at your convenience as necessary. Our real estate closing lawyers in Toronto, handle real estate law matters across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).