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We represent beneficiaries and trustees of estates through the auditing of estate administration (rendering of accounts). If there are controversial items in an estate plan, the trustee of the estate must make a formal presentation of written accounts and the items of controversy during a court hearing.

The court will audit the trustee's accounts to review items of controversy that are challenged by a beneficiary. All account disputes will be ruled upon by the court, which will approve or pass the accounts as submitted by the trustee. Items might also pass with court-directed alterations.

Highly professional and experienced legal representation during the passing or rendering of accounts is critical for protection of your interests and proper administration of the estate. In the Greater Toronto Area, McMaster, McIntyre & Smyth, LLP, has been representing clients through estate administration hearings and distribution procedures for decades. Founded in 1902, our law firm is a family business working for the best interests of your family.

Trusted and Established Estate Administration in the Toronto Metro Area

Our lawyers have extensive experience in these matters. We assist trustees in all responsibilities through estate administration and passing of accounts. If an estate trustee has not been appointed, we can even act as the trustee in certain circumstances. Resolution to these matters should come at minimal expense to the estate and to our clients.

As mentioned, we also represent beneficiaries with account disputes. If you have a case for challenging items within an estate plan to which you are a beneficiary, we can help to ensure proper administration of the estate, striving to advocate and protect your best interests.

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